Tablet Line Equipment

Street Fighter 100 (Counting)

The Countlab® Street Fighter™ electronic tablet counter is a technological innovation which combines speed and accuracy in a compact design. The Street Fighter™ (SF series) exceeds cGMP specifications and is designed to meet future regulatory requirements. Countlab® visionary design is combined with the most current slate-of-the art computer processing allowing for an effortless tablet counting experience.

Street Fighter 100 (Counting)


  • Tablets|
  • Capsules|
  • Softgels


Up to 150 BPM**

The Street Fighter™ electronic tablet counter is designed to handle tablets, caplets, capsules and softgels. It is capable of handling a wide range of different container shapes and sizes all while being able to minimize the change-over time through machined parts and simple latching mechanisms.

From the vivid solid-state channels and distribution manifold to the programmable bottle feeding system, the Street Fighter™ is the highest standard for electronic tablet counters. Visibly recognized for its improvements in Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), reduction in change-over time, and simplification of daily operations, it is easy to see why the Street Fighter™ is at the top of its category.

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.